2017 10,000 Lakes Regional

We ended the competition in 17th place and got picked for the 3rd place alliance. With this alliance, we made through quarter-finals with no losses but unfortunately lost in semifinals. This earned us a state ranking of 40 out of 208, making us currently 4th on the...

New Team Apparel Shop

Come check out our new Team Apparel shop and check back often throughout the next couple weeks to checkout and get your team Apparel and show your support of our team in style!! Team Apparel

Sponsorships, Mentors, Fundraising

Sponsorships are very important for our team to achieve our goals. All donations of funds, merchandise, materials and/or time helps our team succeed in our goals. We hope you will provide your support. This year our goal is to build not only 1 robot but 2. The first...

Hello world!

Welcome to FRC2879.com we are in the process of creating a new website. Check back often as we are adding new and more information regularly.